One of the greatest ways to protect the financial future of the household is through life insurance. Whether it is to cover the household mortgage, emergency needs, final expenses, or wealth transfer, we have a product to meet every need.

Term Life Insurance can be found and bought for a relatively low premium and appropriated for a short-term need of 10,15,20, or even 30 year guaranteed level premiums. Most individuals look to term insurance to cover:

  • Home Mortgages

  • Income Replacement of a Spouse

  • Auto Loans

  • Outstanding Debt

Whole Life and Universal Life Insurance offer a cash value policy that can continue for lifelong needs. Invested premiums can be grown and retained dependent upon one’s goals. This coverage is most desirable when trying to accomplish:

  • Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer

  • Final Expenses

  • Cash Accumulation

Rhodes Insurance can help you find affordable and flexible payments for your life insurance needs. We understand this is an important decision that requires strategic planning. Let us help tailor a policy to your individual needs and budget.